Who Are We

GREEN ENERGY LTD bears a major share of the Afghan fuel market, and is planning to expand by increasing its Green Energy Ltd fuel storage facilities, to fulfill the ever growing market needs of Afghanistan for reliable energy. GREEN ENERGY LTD’s mission is to provide energy that is significantly safer in the most effective way by expanding our established distribution network and supply cha



You can count on us in assisting on your missions and goals. Our number one priority is business integrity, by being your trusted partnering achieving your goals; we are driven to contribute to your success. You can count on GREEN ENERGY LTD.


GREEN ENERGY LTD’s history of high ethical business practices sets a standard for being a trusted partner that our customers expect on every transaction. From refilling at one station, to supplying millions of gallons of fuel to our wholesale customers, we are the source that can be relied upon. Our reputation is built upon years of delivering reliably on our commitments to our customers. We look to excel at being your Trusted Partner.

Our Services


GREEN ENERGY LTD has invested in state-of-the-art facilities that meet international standards. Product transfer and storage are handled with flow meters, scales, and pumps that meet high-volume requi



GREEN ENERGY LTD has a solid working relationship with refineries to acquire fuel and transportation in order to always have reserve with which to meet our customers' demands. Our storage facilities a



GREEN ENERGY LTD partners with reliable construction companies to build its facilities, as well as provide advice to other firms seeking to build similar facilities. Our know-how of deploying a fuel d


Testing Lab

GREEN ENERGY LTD is installing testing labs at its regional fuel facilities to ensure product quality. These labs will be operated by certified fuel technicians, and will allow us to maintain and deli


Social Responsibilities


Staffed with local and foreign nationals, our regional teams are able to maneuver the challenging business environment in Central Asia. Our staff members speak the local languages, understand local customs, know market conditions, and can navigate the terrain.


Through partnerships with environmental experts, and by using new technologies, we are constantly looking to find ways to help reduce the impact of our operations on the environment.


      Safety is our top priority. Our goal is to have zero fatalities and no incidents that cause harm to our people and neighbors and put our facilities and customers at risk.