Who Are We

GREEN ENERGY LTD bears a major share of the Afghan fuel market, and is planning to expand by increasing its Green Energy Ltd fuel storage facilities, to fulfill the ever growing market needs of Afghanistan for reliable energy. GREEN ENERGY LTD’s mission is to provide energy that is significantly safer in the most effective way by expanding our established distribution network and supply chain. GREEN ENERGY LTD is one of the most market efficient and environmentally friendly companies in Afghanistan, with modern facilities throughout Afghanistan. GREEN ENERGY LTD provides for the daily energy needs of Afghanistan with fuel products at the best value to the consumer. Cleaner energy combined with higher quality enables GREEN ENERGY LTD to be the provider of choice for consumers, commercial, industrial, and government agencies.

Due to GREEN ENERGY LTD’s substantial growth in fuel distribution annually, we are planning to expand into additional fuel storage tanks, LPG storage tanks, and LPG refilling facilities across the country. Our investment into Afghanistan’s future has given us the ability to grow at a modest rate, and build lasting infrastructure that will serve the Afghan community for years to come.

GREEN ENERGY LTD provides clean energy to Afghanistan from the well-known refineries of Russia, Turkmenistan,Kazakistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Quality assurance starts with inspection of products at the borders ensuring that we receive a high quality product. We apply product quality and safety management controls, enabling us to deliver high quality products which our customers have come to expect. Our distribution channels allow us to be one of the most market efficient companies in Afghanistan.



Our highly qualified local and foreign experts are dedicated professionals who demonstrate excellent customer service and communication with our clients. GREEN ENERGY LTD’s Management teams are ready to take on the challenges that lie ahead and serve our clients with professionalism and dedication that is unsurpassed. GREEN ENERGY LTD currently has more than 300 employees in technical and administrative positions. As our commitments and activities increase, so will our professional staff. Our revenues are estimated to increase at steady pace annually. While maintaining this growth, GREEN ENERGY LTD is planning to expand into additional fuel storage facilities, LPG storage, and LPG refilling facilities across Afghanistan.

Solution to challenges

Our management team stays abreast of market needs to provide solutions to market conditions. From border closures, to political unrest, to distribution challenges, we have overcome obstacles to meet our customers’ needs without service Interruption. With the ability to dispense fuel in matter of hours. Our logistics team finds routes to mitigate supply line backups by locating alternative supply points and routes.

Multi Lingual & Trained staff

Our staff can communicate in Dari, Farsi, Pashto, Turkish, Russian, Uzbek, Urdu, and in English. This unique capability translates into a faster response time to your organization's needs. Cross language agreements and transactions can become a hindrance, and cause delays in operation. We have the staff to overcome these challenges.
GREEN ENERGY LTD’s staff is trained and monitored to meet company quality guidelines, and to ensure that we are the supplier of choice for our clients.