GREEN ENERGY LTD owns and manages a full supply chain network within Afghanistan that was built from the ground up. GREEN ENERGY LTD facilities were built to last as well as assure product quality. Our infrastructure team designed and built our network of facilities and retail outlets. This experience allows us to rapidly deploy new locations, and expand our operations.

Aviation, Automotive, LPG GREEN ENERGY LTD Stores and Distributes:
Jet Fuels:
   TS-1, Jet A1 and Jet A8
Automotive Fuels: 
   A-76,A-92 and A-95 
   Diesel: L02-62,L01-62 and Winter Diesel 

Storage Network & Distribution

GREEN ENERGY LTD’s LPG retail outlets across Afghanistan supply Petrol, Diesel, Gasoline, Kerosene, and LPG to commuters, homes, and businesses daily. This growing network of modern fuel depots is our commitment to ensure that safe and high quality fuels reach consumers. Green Energy Ltd well recognized brands in Afghanistan that our customers have come to rely on for their daily energy   needs.

Tanker Fleet:

GREEN ENERGY LTD has invested in new tanks and tankers to deliver Gasoline, Diesel, and LPG to government agencies, businesses, and homes. 

Trusted Partner:

GREEN ENERGY LTD 's history of high ethical business practices sets a standard for being a trusted partner that our customers expect on every transaction. From refilling at one station, to supplying millions of gallons of fuel to our wholesale customers, we are the source that can be relied upon. Our reputation is built upon years of delivering reliably on our commitments to our customers. We look to excel at being your Trusted Partner.